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The Hidden Side Of Trading

Over the past three decades, I have consistently endeavored to convey in the realm of trading what most people would rather not hear.

Do Sincerely Want To Be Rich?

This is the book of one of the most brilliant tales of financial malfeasance in the USA (you can buy it used on Amazon, author Charles Row), and this phrase encapsulates the essence of retail trading. Retail traders aim to make money quickly and swiftly. Unfortunately, this seldom happens, but all it takes is that one time to turn the exception into the rule. For over 30 years, I have consistently striven to present trading for what it truly is: a business activity like any other, characterized by costs, revenues, performance, and risk. If you don't align with this perspective, then this website is not for you.

Do Our Trading Systems Work ?

Stability and profitability. Few systems can attest to such unique characteristics. Our business ethos remains straightforward: we prioritize quality over quantity, steering clear of offering a myriad of systems akin to collecting trading cards. The harsh truth is that high-caliber trading systems are scarce, and the plethora of market offerings can sometimes lead investors astray. If you are interested in understanding how we deal with the markets via our trading systems download the TRADERS’ MAG interview underneath

Emilio Tomasini Credits

“My friend Emilio Tomasini is perhaps one of the most capable quantitative traders I have met in my career…”

John Najarian, US trader co-founder of Market Rebellion and contributor to CNBC’s Fast Money programme

“I met Emilio Tomasini more than 20 years ago and since then I have respected him as a trader and trainer because he combines excellent technical expertise with deep professionalism.”

Dan Gramza, world-renowned US trader

“Emilio Tomasini is one of the most lucid minds in our industry internationally. There are few fellow traders in the world that I listen to as attentively as him…. “

Dave Landry, world-renowned US trader

“I first met Emilio Tomasini nearly two decades ago, and since then, he has been a regular guest on my magazine TRADERS’ MAG and at the WORLD OF TRADING fair in Frankfurt, as well as a personal friend. Rarely has the adage ‘it’s a small world’ been more apt, with his fanbase in Germany and the German-speaking countries resembling a veritable army. Tomasini’s skill in simplifying the complexities of trading is unparalleled in the entire financial industry.”

Lothar Albert, TRADERS’ MAG publisher

“Together with Emilio Tomasini, I co-authored our bestseller ‘Trading Systems’ published by Harriman House in London, and we have collaborated on various courses and seminars around the world, from Germany to Italy. I can therefore claim a deep understanding of his professionalism and expertise. ”

Urban Jaekle, trading expert, Germany


“Emilio Tomasini is an international trading and training bomber. His enthusiasm is contagious and it is impressive to see his achievements as a trainer and trader especially in the field of ranking and algorithmic trading: if you want to condense an entire market into a few lines of a ranking he is the man for the job.”

Rakesh Shah, London Trader

About Company

Most Sold ! Trading Systems "OLDER"

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The Idea

If you are keen on leasing the Older trading systems on a closed-code basis, here are the rental financial terms:

Are You Interested In Getting Touch With Us?

About Company

For professional traders: "STABILITY"

Installation Fee: $380

The Idea

For those inclined to lease the Stability trading systems under closed-code provisions, the economic conditions are as follows:

Why We Deal Only With Customers That Own A Multicharts Or Tradestation Licence

Why Trading Systems Best Discretionary Trading

Buy here and sell there. If the indicator crosses the zero line, you go long; if the indicator falls below the zero line, then you go short. Exit on the close or earlier if the lowest low of the latest three bars is reached. Does trading fit neatly within these rules?

A Tale Of Trading Platforms

Purchasing a Tradestation (then known as SuperChart) in 1996 marked my foray into the realm of algorithmic trading. It was a pivotal moment to such an extent that for years, as the first European client of Tradestation, my name was prominently featured on the cardboard boxes of Tradestation products.

Multicharts: A Pioneering Force In Portfolio Trading

Multicharts, or portfolio trading, filled a void in the early 2000s that Tradestation had left open. This gap was bridged as Tradestation evolved into a brokerage, distinguishing itself from its former competitor, which remains accessible to all brokers.

There Are 2 Ways You Understand We Read The Same Page

Download the interview or/ and read the Harriman book first chapter and you will receive also in the following days all the columns Dr. Emilio Tomasini wrote for Traders’ Magazine … a melting pot of trading ideas you can easily exploit. Enjoy!

Download The Harriman’book First Chapter !

Trading Systems" (Harriman, 2019) by Emilio Tomasini and Urban Jaekle is one of the most sold book on trading systems development and evaluation

My 2006 Interview To TRADERS’ MAG

An interview that in 2006 greatly contributed to the rise of quantitative trading in Europe

Choose Your Package

Our offer rewards customers with a long-term approach to trading success


Upfront one – time payment
$ 380
  • Hardware check up
  • Server check up
  • Installation
  • Initial assistence

“Stability” trading system

Quartely Rent
$ 300 Month
  • One contact on ES, YM, RYT each
  • $ 900 per quarter if profits > 0
  • Possibility to scale-up contracts
  • You leave when you like

“Older” trading system

Monthly rent
$ 187 Month
  • One contract on ES
  • Montly recurrent payment
  • Possibility to scale-up contracts
  • You leave when you like

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